offers car rental services in Klaipėda

Car rental became popular due to the growing demand for more comfortable and faster way of travelling when you do not own personal vehicle. Upon arriving to a strange city, you will be able to visit places of interest more productively, get from one place to another without having to understand public transportation system and not to be restricted by time – these are only several reasons for choosing car rental services.

Comfortable and safe trip should be a top priority when speaking about vacation or planned meetings. Therefore, Klaipėda residents or guests are welcomed to use car rental services from We offer only new cars maintained by specialists. Navigation system, child safety seat or roof box are also available for your convenience.

If you are spending your vacation in a seaport, you should not only enjoy visiting nearby objects or taking walks in old town, but also fully experience the spirit of the seaport. For those looking for a more remote access to the beach and entrancing views, Klaipėda’s celebrity – Dutchman’s Cap (Olando kepurė) is only 20 minutes away from the old town by car. Melnragė, favourite among tourists, is a little bit closer and should be visited by beach lovers. Curonian Spit (Kuršių Nerija) can be conveniently reached by a car and will welcome those who enjoy tranquillity and authentic landscape.

We recommend those wishing to thoroughly use their time in Klaipėda region to visit the zoo located near the seaport. You will reach it by a car in 15 minutes.

Long-term car rental is relevant not only for vacationers in the seaport but also Klaipėda residents currently living abroad and coming back to Klaipėda to visit relatives. In such cases, renting a car may be more advantageous than keeping unused car in hometown and having to worry about its maintenance.

Minibus rental in Klaipėda is also a very popular service. If you plan a longer trip or are moving to a new place a larger vehicle will be necessary. New diesel Ford Transit minibuses will be a great choice for such occasions.

Automobilių nuoma Klaipėdoje offers vehicle rental services in Klaipėda. You will be able to pick up a desired car in:

  • International Ferry Terminal (Perkėlos g. 10);
  • in Bus Station (Butkų Juzės g. 9);
  • Train Station (Priestočio g. 1)
  • in Sūdmantai (Žiedo g. 2)
  • in Kvietiniai (Gargždupio g. 3A.)

or any other location of your choice in Klaipėda. You can rent a car by visiting main page, and if you have any questions we will gladly answer them by phone: +37064065132 or e-mail: