offers car rental services in Vilnius.

Sometimes not only Vilnius guests but also the residents of the city need to rent a car. It is easy to get lost between the schedules of public transportation if you are only visiting the city or usually take a car. Thus, offers car rental services in Vilnius.

Vilnius is not only the capital of Lithuania. It is a historical city inspiring with its architecture, unique sense of freedom and possibilities. There is no doubt that every person visiting the city will not be able to forget it. Communications are very convenient in Vilnius Old Town – both pedestrians and drivers can enjoy well-developed traffic conditions, it is easy to find a parking space. After admiring the architecture of the Old Town, one should visit historical Gedinimas’ Tower, also remember nature’s jewels surrounding Vilnius.

City guests who are the enthusiasts of historical architecture will enjoy legendary Trakai Island Castle enchanting with its archaic spirit. The car drive from Vilnius to Trakai will only take less than half an hour.

Car rental in Vilnius is relevant for those who need to reach destination faster and spend their time in a more productive manner. provides short-term and long-term car rental subject to flexible prices if a longer rental period is selected.

Minibus rental in Vilnius is one of services offered by Minibus rental will be very useful if you plan a trip in which a larger number of persons participate, want to move to another place or maybe go on a shopping trip. All rented minibuses are new with diesel driven engines.

Driving a safe and well-maintained car is essential in an active city such as Vilnius. specialist will take care of this. We will make sure all passenger cars are new and completely prepared for comfortable driving.

Additional services, such as child safety seat, roof box and navigation system, are also available. You may choose such services when filling in reservation form.

Car rental in Vilnius Airport is a convenient solution for visitors from foreign countries or vacationers. You will be able to exchange plane seat to a one in a car and take unforgettable trips!

Automobilių nuoma Vilniuje

Rented car can be picked up:

  • in Vilnius Airport (Rodūnios kl. 10A);
  • in Gariūnai micro-district (Gariūnų g 71);
  • Train Station (Sodų g. 22);
  • Bus Station (Sodų g. 22);

or any other convenient location in Vilnius.